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Opportunities for Worship December 2018


Sunday 2nd - 1st Sunday of Advent                                                                          

 8.00am                                 Bishops Cannings                             Communion - Traditional              

  8.00am                                 Urchfont                                            Communion - Modern                  

 10.00am                                All Cannings                                     Communion - Modern  

 10.00am                               Bishops Cannings                             Communion      

 10.00am                               Chirton                                               Communion - Modern  

 10.00am                               Marden                                               Morning Prayer

 10.30am                               Urchfont                                              Morning Prayer

 6.00pm                                 Stert                                                   Advent service       


Wednesday 5th                                                                               

10.00am                               Urchfont                                              Communion      


Friday 7th                                                                           

 9.00am                                 Marden                                                Morning Prayer               


Sunday 9th - 2nd Sunday of Advent                                                                         

  10.00am                               Bishops Cannings                             Advent Carol     

  11.00am                               Urchfont                                            Communion - Modern  

  11.00am                               Wilsford                                             Patronal Communion – Modern

  6.00pm                                All Cannings                                      Evensong - Traditional 

 6.00pm                                 Chirton                                               Evensong - Traditional                                   


Sunday 16th - 3rd Sunday of Advent                                                                       

 8.00am                                 Bishops Cannings                             Communion - Traditional              

 9.30am                                 Stert                                                  Communion- Traditional              

10.00am                               Bishops Cannings                             Communion - Modern  

11.00am                               Marden                                              Communion - Modern  

 5.00pm                                 All Cannings                                      CAROL SERVICE

 6.00pm                                 Urchfont                                             CAROL SERVICE                                

 6.30pm                                 Etchilhampton                                   CAROL SERVICE


Wednesday 19th                                                                                             

 6.30pm                                 Bishops Cannings                             CAROL SERVICE

 7.00pm                                 Stert                                                  CAROL SERVICE


Friday 21st                                                                                         

 9.00am                                 Marden                                              Communion - Traditional              


Sunday 23rd - 4th Sunday of Advent                                                                       

8.00am                                 Chirton                                               Communion - Traditional              

 8.45am                                 All Cannings                                     Café Church       

10.00am                               Bishops Cannings                             Communion - Modern  

10.00am                               Etchilhampton                                   Communion - Informal  

11.00am                               Urchfont                                             Communion - Modern  

 6.00pm                                 Chirton                                              CAROL SERVICE

6.00pm                                 Urchfont                                             Evensong - Traditional   



Monday 24th - Christmas Eve                                                                     

 3.00pm                                 All Cannings                                     CRIB SERVICE

4.00pm                                 Urchfont                                             CRIB SERVICE    

5.00pm                                 Bishops Cannings                              CRIB SERVICE    

 6.00pm                                 Marden                                              CAROL SERVICE                                

 11.30pm                               All Cannings                                      MIDNIGHT MASS            

 11.30pm                               Chirton                                               MIDNIGHT MASS            

 11.30pm                               Urchfont                                             MIDNIGHT MASS            


Tuesday 25th - Christmas Day                                                                     

 9.00am                                 At Wilsford (with Marden & Chirton)  Communion      

 9.30am                                 All Cannings                                       Communion      

9.30am                                 Stert                                                     Communion      

10.00am                               Bishops Cannings                                Communion      

11.00am                               Etchilhampton                                      Christmas Service

11.00am                               Urchfont                                                Communion      


Sunday 30th - 1st Sunday of Christmas                                                                   

 10.00am                               All Cannings                                        Team Service