This Month......

                             Opportunities for Worship November 2018


Sunday 4th                         All Saints Sunday                                                                            

  8.00am                                Bishops Cannings             Communion - Traditional                              

  8.00am                                Urchfont                             Communion - Modern                                  

  10.00am                               All Cannings                      Communion and Baptism             

  10.00am                               Bishops Cannings              Informal Service               

  10.00am                               Chirton                               Communion -Modern   

  10.00am                               Marden                               Morning Prayer               

  10.30am                               Urchfont                              Morning Prayer                               

   6.00pm                                Wilsford                              All Souls Service               


Wednesday 7th                                                                               

 10.00am                               Urchfont                              Communion      


Fri 9th   Friday                                                                  

 9.00am                                 Marden                                Morning Prayer


Sunday 11th 3rd Sunday before Advent (Remembrance Sunday)                                               

 8.00am                                 Chirton                               Act of Remembrance and Communion  

 10.00am                               Bishops Cannings             REMEMBRANCE SERVICE                             

  10.45am                               All Cannings                      REMEMBRANCE SERVICE             

  10.45am                               Marden with Wilsford         REMEMBRANCE SERVICE             

  10.45am                               Stert                                  REMEMBRANCE SERVICE             

   10.45am                              Urchfont                            REMEMBRANCE SERVICE             

    7.00pm                               Etchilhampton                   Lighting the Beacon


Sunday 18th 2nd Sunday before Advent                                                                

    8.00am                               Bishops Cannings             Communion - Traditional                              

   8.00am                                Urchfont                             Communion - Traditional              

  9.30am                                 Stert                                   Communion- Traditional              

  10.00am                               All Cannings                       Informal Communion    

  10.00am                               Bishops Cannings              Communion - Modern  

  10.30am                               Urchfont                              Sunday Half Hour            

  11.00am                               Marden                               Communion - Modern  


Friday 23rd                                                                                        

  9.00am                                 Marden                                Communion – Traditional


Sun 25th Christ the King                                                                

  8.00am                                 Chirton                                Communion - Traditional              

  9.00am                                 All Cannings                       Café Church                                       

  10.00am                               Bishops Cannings              Communion - Modern  

  10.00am                               Etchilhampton                    Communion - Informal  

  11.00am                               Urchfont                              Communion - Modern  

  6.00pm                                 Urchfont                              Evensong - Traditional