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Richard Curtis – just a little about me

I first visited The Cannings and Redhorn Team 18 years ago via the Kennet and Avon Canal, travelling from Reading to Devizes. The eldest son of the couple we were travelling with was only 10 weeks old at the time so we didn’t attempt the Caen Hill Locks. Until this year that brief trip was my only experience of this part of Wiltshire so I’m eagerly looking forward to getting to know the people and the geography of The Cannings and Redhorn Team.

I expect that the vast majority of people reading this will be wondering who I am. If anyone has tried Google to find out then you might have found details of my name’s sake, the screenwriter famous for films such as “Four Wedding and a Funeral” and television series such as “The Vicar of Dibley”, I’m sorry to disappoint but that’s not me but I do enjoy my name’s sakes work.

So a little about this Richard Curtis. I was born in North Hertfordshire in the village of Knebworth in the house where my mother still lives; my father now lives in a nursing home just a short walk up the road. As a child and a teenager I sang in the church choir and singing has been an important part of my life since.

In 1981 I went to Leicester University to read Physics and apart from 3 years at theological college in Lincoln I’ve lived in Leicester and Leicestershire ever since. After finishing my degree, I did teacher training but only taught for 2 years before moving into residential social work for 3 years; at this point, 1987, Jane and I got married.

Then from 1990 to 1993 we trained for ordination at Lincoln Theological College before returning to work in Leicester Diocese. Over the years we have both worked in four posts within Leicester Diocese. For the first ten years of ministry we happened to live in the house that went with my post but for the last 14 years we have lived in the house that was part of Jane’s post. So I have many years of experience of being a commuting incumbent. Over the next months I will have to work out what commuting to The Cannings and Redhorn Team will actually mean. The key thing is to use my diary effectively and look out for community events that I can support and importantly build a good relationship with the schools.

Jane and I enjoy going to the theatre and are normally regulars at the RSC in Stratford upon Avon, but in the busyness of these last month’s it’s been a little while since we last attended.

As a child and teenager I used to cycle everywhere as local public transport was so expensive. But although I was physically fit I never excelled at school sports, in fact I was consistently last in cross country runs, so it was a surprise that I started running at university but until my 40s I wasn’t consistent with my running. But over the last 10 years I’ve been a fairly regular runner. Eventually I joined a running club in Leicester two years ago and soon was regretting that I hadn’t done this years before. One of the first things I did on arriving with Jane at Royal Wootton Bassett was research running clubs (yes I’ve already joined one here) and where the local Parkruns are held.

Well that’s a very brief introduction. I’m excited about find out more about you and I look forward to you finding out more about me. I’m also looking forward to getting to know our part of Wiltshire, I’m open to suggestions of places I should visit.

Yours in Christ

Richard Curtis