This month.....



As I write this the weather forecast is predicting colder temperatures later this week, and we’re being advised to find our ‘Winter Woollies’ once again! Some parts of the UK will even have snow – it would seem that Spring isn’t quite here yet.


However, I have been enjoying seeing the plethora of Spring flowers as I’ve been walking my dog, or driving around the area (I have to admit that these are mainly in other people’s gardens!). While all the colours are beautiful – yellow daffodils & primroses, purple & orange crocus – it is the white of the snowdrops that I favour. For me, the snowdrop is a symbol of hope for it shows that Spring is on its way and that the greyness of Winter will soon be behind us.


I have several books of readings from the community on the island of Iona. The following is from the collection of Lent & Easter Readings:


                   Into the dark world,

                   a snowdrop comes,

                   a blessing of hope and peace

                   carrying within it a green heart:

                   symbol of God’s renewing love.

                   Come to inhabit  our darkness, Lord Christ,

                   for dark and light are alike to you.             

                   May nature’s white candles of hope

                   remind us of your birth

                   and lighten our journey 

                   through Lent and beyond.


This year Lent continues into Easter, but beyond it we will have the joy of celebrating Easter once again, and being reminded that the most significant hope is our Resurrection Hope.


                   An Easter Prayer

                   Risen Lord Jesus, as Mary Magdalene

                   met you in the garden on the morning

                   of your resurrection, so may we meet

                   you today and every day: speak to us

                   as you spoke to her;  reveal yourself

                   as the living Lord; renew our hope 

                   and kindle our joy; and send us to

                   share the good news with others. Amen.


Rev Beth Brown