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November 2018

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Sunday 4th November 20188:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Traditional
8:00amUrchfont, Communion - Modern
10:00amAll Cannings, Baptism & Communion
10:00amBishops Cannings, Informal Service
10:00amChirton, Communion - Modern
10:00amMarden, Morning Prayer
10:30amUrchfont, Morning Prayer
6:00pmWilsford, All Souls Service
Wednesday 7th November 201810:00amUrchfont, Communion
Friday 9th November 20189:00amMarden, Morning Prayer
Sunday 11th November 20188:00amChirton, Act of Remembrance & Communion
10:00amBishops Cannings, Remembrance Service
10:45amAll Cannings, Remembrance Service
10:45amMarden with Wilsford, Remembrance Service
10:45amStert, Remembrance Service
10:45amUrchfont, Remembrance Service
7:00pmEtchilhampton, Lighting the Beacon
Sunday 18th November 20188:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Traditional
8:00amUrchfont, Communion - Traditional
9:30amStert, Commuion - Traditional
10:00amAll Cannings, Informal Communion
10:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Modern
10:30amUrchfont, Sunday Half Hour
11:00amMarden, Communion - Modern
Friday 23rd November 20189:00amMarden, Communion - Traditional
Sunday 25th November 20188:00amChirton, Communion - Traditional
9:00amAll Cannings, Café Church
10:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Modern
10:00amEtchilhampton, Communion - Informal
11:00amUrchfont, Communion - Modern
6:00pmUrchfont, Evensong - Traditional
Thursday 29th November 201812:00pmThanksgiving Service for John Ramsden at Bishops Cannings.
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