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Sunday 1st April 20188:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Traditional
9:30amAll Cannings, Communion - Modern
9:30amChirton,Communion - Modern
9:30amStert, Communion - Modern
9:30amMarden, Communion - Modern
10:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Modern
11:30amEtchilhampton, Communion - Modern
11:30amUrchfont, Communion - Modern
11:30amWilsford, Communion - Modern
Wednesday 4th April 201810:00amUrchfont - Communion
Friday 6th April 20189:00amMarden - Communion
2:00pmThe Funeral of Myra Annable - Bishops Cannings
Sunday 8th April 20189:30amWilsford, Communion - Traditional
10:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Modern
11:00amUrchfont, Communion - Modern
6:00pmAll Cannings, Evensong - Traditional
6:00pmChirton, Evensong - Traditional
Monday 9th April 201811:30amThe Funeral of Kathleen (Kath) Cleaver - Bishops Cannings
Tuesday 10th April 201811:00amThe Funeral of Jean Stoneham - Bishops Cannings
Saturday 14th April 20187:00pmBishops Cannings - Bell Ringing
Sunday 15th April 20188:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Traditional
8:00amUrchfont, Communion - Traditional
9:30amStert, Communion - Traditional
10:00amAll Cannings, Informal Communion
10:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Modern
10:30amUrchfont - Sunday Half Hour
11:00amMarden, Communion - Modern
Tuesday 17th April 20187:30pmBishops Cannings - Bell Ringing
Friday 20th April 20189:00amMarden, Morning Prayer
Sunday 22nd April 20188:00amChirton, Communion - Traditional
9:00amAll Cannings, Café Church
10:00amBishops Cannings, Communion - Traditional
10:00amEtchilhampton, Communion - Informal
11:00amUrchfont, Communion - Modern
6:00pmUrchfont, Evensong - Traditional
Saturday 28th April 20187:30pmBishops Cannings - Bell Ringing Practice
Sunday 29th April 201810:00amWilsford, Team Communion
Monday 30th April 20181:30pmFuneral, All Saints Marden
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