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Friday 1st March 20192:30pmWorld Day of Prayer, Urchfont
Saturday 2nd March 20199:30amBell Ringing Competition - Marden
9:30amBell Ringing Competition - Urchfont
Sunday 3rd March 20198:00amBishops Cannings - Communion
8:00amUrchfont - Communion
10:00amAll Cannings - Communion
10:00amBishops Cannings - Informal Service
10:00amChirton - Communion
10:00amMarden - Morning Prayer
10:30amUrchfont - Morning Prayer
6:00pmStert - Evensong
Wednesday 6th March 201911:00amUrchfont - Communion with Ashing
7:30pmBishops Cannings - Communion with Ashing
Thursday 7th March 20192:30pmFuneral Service for James Baker at Wilsford
Sunday 10th March 20199:30amWilsford - Communion
10:00amBishops Cannings - Communion
11:00amUrchfont - Communion
6:00pmAll Cannings - Evensong
6:00pmChirton - Evensong
Friday 15th March 20199:00amMarden - Communion
Sunday 17th March 20198:00amBishops Cannings - Communion
8:00amUrchfont - Communion
9:30amStert - Communion
10:00amAll Cannings - Informal Communion & Baptism
10:00amAll Cannings - Communion Informal & Baptism
10:00amBishops Cannings - Communion & Baptism
10:30amUrchfont - Sunday Half Hour
11:00amMarden - Communion
Friday 22nd March 20199:00amMarden - Morning Prayer
Saturday 23rd March 201910:00amWedding - Bishops Cannings, Time TBC
Sunday 24th March 20198:00amChirton - Communion
9:30amAll Cannings - Matins
10:00amBishops Cannings - Communion
10:00amEtchilhampton - Communion Informal
11:00amUrchfont - Communion
6:00pmUrchfont - Evensong
Wednesday 27th March 201911:00amFuneral Service for Angela Johnstone at Chirton.
3:00pmFuneral Service for Beryl (Alice) Stokes- Bishops Cannings
Sunday 31st March 201910:00amBishops Cannings - Family Communion
10:00amUrchfont - Family Communion
10:00amMarden - Family Service
4:00pmAll Cannings - Family Service