Bishops Cannings - Service Checklist

 Bishops Cannings

Service checklist for Covid 19 Risk Assessment


There are new face masks and gloves in the bucket placed behind the sanitation table. These are for the use of sidesmen/volunteers and not for general handout, but could be used if necessary.


  • North door locked.
  • South door opened. (door handles to be disinfected before and after use, wipes in bucket by table)
  • Toilets to remain locked unless asked for key.
  • Place collection plate near North door.
  • Curtain to choir vestry to be opened for bell ringers, once they have left, close the curtain so no entry sign is visible.
  • Unlock North door to let bell ringers out, lock afterwards.
  • Ensure facemasks/sanitiser used by people entering the church.
  • Place individual service sheets on table, one at a time, for member to pick up.
  • Record to be kept of attendees.***
  • Escort to seats, maintaining social distancing.
  • South door to remain open during service if possible, for ventilation.
  • Direct congregation out in an orderly manner, via the North door, maintaining distance of two metres. (Officiant to be down the path to speak to anyone wishing contact and to avoid grouping around the door.)
  • Place any collection in Offertory box near South door. (wearing gloves)
  • Collect any rubbish (wearing gloves) place in bin near North door, double bag and remove. (new bags in choir vestry)
  • Once everyone has left the church, switch off lights, sound system and ensure all doors are locked.  Key to be secured in toilet key safe.

No entry for cleaning for 72 hours

  • SOUND SYSTEM to be used in usual way but microphones not to be touched.  (Set 2 is the primary set and should be left with Service Record Book on Sacristy table.)


***  Point of contact for prior booking will provide a list of attendees prior to the Service so this just needs to be checked against actual attendance at the Service.  Should visitors attend, their contact details will need to be recorded.