Bishops Cannings, Covid - 19 Control Measures for shared use of the organ

Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin Bishop’s Cannings

Covid 19 - Control Measures for shared use of the organ

to meet Government and RSCM advice

  • The organ shall be kept locked when not in use
  • Access shall be restricted to authorized organists.
  • Sheet music, hymn books, pens and pencils, shall not be shared and shall not be left in or on the side cupboard after use. Items from the music library shall not be returned to the cupboard or usual shelf but shall be clearly labelled with the name of the user and the date, and quarantined for 72hours in the allocated place on the vestry bookshelf. Organists’ personal sheet music and books, pens and pencils, organ shoes, shall be removed from the church after each session.
  • The access diary shall be completed immediately after each session. This shall record the date, name of organist, time of arrival and time of departure.
  • Clean the hands with sanitizer both before and after the session.
  • The organ shall be sanitized before it is played and at the end of the session. This is best done by the user. (See below.) The pre-clean can be waived if the register shows that the organ has not been played for at least 72 hours. If there is a change of organist during a session a further pre-clean shall be carried out.
  • Do not handle or use any the books or sheet music left out in the choir stalls, or in the side cupboard.


    Sanitizing the organ


    Do not apply sanitizer spray directly but apply to a soft cloth or tissue. Check that the cloth /tissue remains moist during the procedure. Dispose safely after use.

    On both manuals wipe all naturals and black keys taking care to wipe between. Methylated spirit is best for keyboards because some proprietary sanitizers leave a slightly sticky residue.

    Wipe all stop knobs.

    Wipe blower and light switches.

    Wipe the metal page holders on the music desk.




    P Madeley

    Director of Music

    17 October 2020